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Unpacking your new Grizzly 1015 knife belt sander / buffer.

Thank Gaud , things are packed so well


All the messy greasy parts come wrapped in nice plastic bags.

I decided to find a nice clean area to lay out all the parts to be assembled, trouble is that such a nice clean area, is kind of hard to come by in my house sometimes I therefore snuck into my wifes study/art room and laid all that parts out on a office mat.

At first glance, my first belt sander/grinder looks way more impressive that I had thought. This is not going to be a cheap toy of a knife-making tool this is the real deal!


The electric motor is huge and powerful looking, and the contact wheel looks up to the job too.


I tried to lie out all the parts just as they appear in the instruction booklet to make sure everything was accounted for (it was)



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