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Quark stops by to see how things are selling.

My review of Star Trek The Experience....


It is Glorious!

It is truly awesome!

This is not a just simple ride!



             At Star Trek the Experience you don' get to just sit back and watch.


Star Trek the Experience (S.T.E) involves you into the story.

You become an important part in an,"adventure" for lack of a better word.


This is why its called the Star Trek the "Experience",  for it is something you will "experience" and participate in.


The following is a complete and independent review of the attraction known as the Star Trek Experience as seen at the Las Vegas Hilton .


Warning, this review will cover all aspects of the Star Trek Experience, I will be spilling the beans here, so if you ever plan on going to Las Vegas to attend this attraction, you might need to skip this and go look at another link on this site.  (So you dont know the secrets)


I will write this review in different steps, so as to allow my reader to decide for him or herself what they wish to learn about the Star Trek Experience, and what they wish to remain ignorant of so as to be surprised later when the go to Las Vegas.


Most all of my review is aimed at the person who will never go to Las Vegas, and has no plans to attend the S.T. Experience, but is curious to know what all the hullabaloo is all about.

This is also written for all the people that might have went to the Experience, but didnt go to the Pay-only parts

I wont tell any of the secrets here on this page however, just things anyone can learn by walking by the Star Trek complex at the Hilton.



Star Trek Experience 101 for beginners,step 1

 Star Trek the Experience is Glorious!


 Its truly awesome, but -

Bring money!, remember this is held in Las Vegas, and that city is not out there in the desert to help you save money... Everything will cost you at least $20. so have plenty of spending money in your pockets.


My next advice to help you have a great time at the S.T. Experience is for you to -  NOT BRING THE KIDS!   Remember this city the Hilton is in, is not a child-safe type of city.  Also, the ST E is not itself a child oriented event, they dont really intend for little kids to come, I believe there maybe a height requirement for smaller children, so, you are better off not bringing the kids along on this vacation.


Star Trek the Experience is set up in 3 distinct parts,,,


There is the D.S.9 Promenade, which is open to everyone for free; its just a place to buy star trek related merchandise. .


There is Quarks Bar and Restaurant, where anyone can sit down and eat and drink the many star trek related food items on the menu.


And there is the Experience ,part you have to pay to go into and see on the 2nd floor.

 D.S.9 Promenade

DaQo'tah with the crew of DS-9




Star Trek the Experience is set up on two levels, here you see DaQotah on the lower level that is free and open to the public.



Right at the foot of the stairs there were life size cutouts of the staff of DS-9. In the background of this photo you can observe two Ferengi walking down to the Promenade.


The promenade is set up with several shops where Star Trek items can be purchased.  The prices ranged from the expensive to, - Oh My Gaud thats Expensive!


Here DaQo'tah and his wife meet the helpfull staff of DS-9

At the entrance to one of the shops on the promenade there was this life size statue of a Gorkin I believe it was called.  


It was fun to look and, expecially so because along the back wall of this shop they had a huge TV going that was showing the very Star Trek episode that featured the Gorkin.

Looking good in Dress Whites.








They have all the Star trek uniforms available for sale at the promenade. 







Here is a photo of my wife trying on a dress while uniform from STNG. 







 I would have loved to get her this, yes, but the price$ was way too much for the wallet I was carrying.

Klingon Battle Armor (yes that does say $12,000.00 )

This Klingon Battle armor was set up on a manniquen inside a 4-walled grass case.   And No, thats not a mistake, $12,000.00 dollars for one uniform! How ever do the average Klingons manage to pay for their uniforms?


The Klingon uniform was not that great. It was just made out of vinyl, and the seams were not that well lined up when it was sewed together.  Also the Klingon sash was just made out of a long piece of cut rubber, not at all even close to the cool looking braded steel ringlets that I used to make several sashes out of. (I like mine better. LOL)


But this just goes to show you what value there is in learning how to make your own Klingon uniforms.  I have seen better uniforms at Star Trek conventions, so although I would never buy this one, I now know that the uniforms that I did see being wore at the Cons was top notch!

NCC 1701 - D

The last think you see before you go upstairs to view the pay-only items is the huge models of several star ships.


  This is a photo of the STNG Enterprise model that was hung near the ceiling. And it was HUGE!  Im not sure how long it was, but all I know is that I could never fit it into my den.


  Each ship appeared to be highly detailed, suitable for filming, and it would be easy to believe that the ships were used on the show.  


Click here to see more of DaQo'tah review of Star trek the Experience.

S.T. Experience

Quarks Bar and Restaurant




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