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Well, at first I thought I would just mount the Grizzly to my workbench, after all its called a Bench grinder right? But then I just didnt think my bench is long and far enough from the wall to allow the belt sander to lie all the way back.

Next I thought I would cut a peace of Plywood as seen in the Instruction booklet, and that this would allow for more Temperately placements in my shop.

I actually did cut a nice chunk of plywood to use as a temporary base, when I had a brainstorm, Why not affix my new belt grinder to a heavy table?


The type of table I planed on using is a heavy old Hospital room table that weighs in at close to 100 pounds empty. Its the same type of table I mounted my drill press on.

 At first I tried to use my handy Battery powered Cord-less drill.  I like its portability and speed of bit changes.

But I ran into a few problems with it, 1st it would not accept the new drill bits I had just picked up, and then when I tried to just use smaller bits and bore them out wider, the darn thing had its battery go dead on me*(&^%$&##)


So I dragged out and dusted off my good old electric drill from long ago, and after carefully marking the locations, I drilled the 4 holes for the Grizzly motor.


(Oh by the way, the Grizzly Instruction booklet tells you the correct measurements, dont try to cheat and just place the motor on the wood and mark the holes that way, that only looks faster in your mind, but its a good way to end up with holes that dont line up correctly)